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How to Choose the Gown Size for Prom Dresses?

April 15, 2013

Although you must be wondering how anyone can go wrong with sizes, yet it is true that a lot of girls get it wrong when they have to decide about their size. While shopping for prom dresses, always remember that the manufacturers’ size varies and there is no standard size chart amongst them. So, this means that size 4 of one brand may be different for the other manufacturer and this aspect should be remembered while shopping for your prom attire. You can avoid this problem by looking at the manufacturer’s size charts which will give you an idea of what size you need to look in for. The charts specifically offers dimensions on the bust, waist and hip for each size and thus you need to consider all this while shopping for your size. You can find out your size by first measuring your bust, waist and hip and them looking up at the dimensions mentioned in the company’s sizing charts.

Swim Skirts for children

March 12, 2013

Your babies may be getting to that age when they will start to pick out their own swimsuits for fun in the sun season. There are many options that you have that will help you and your loved one pick out a great swimsuit. You may want more coverage for younger children or you may want a cute, feminine swimsuit. A great option you have is a swim skirt. This style is fun and is age appropriate for young girls. Here are a few tips for picking the right one.

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  • Have fun with the colors! – Bathing suits come in a variety of colors and material. Do not be scared to pick a nice vibrant tone and pair it with another vibrant tone of another color. These combinations often look great on every age and size. You can also pick a fun pattern that matches completely. This looks fun and nice too.
  • Keep price in mind – When shopping for a new bathing suit, make sure you and your loved one go to many different stores and find a great deal. Remember that children grow quickly out of their clothing and you don’t want to invest in a swimsuit that will be turned into a hand-me-down after just one outing.
  • Find characters! – You child is probably at the age in which they enjoy watching their favorite characters on TV. Well, many companies make swimsuits that have patterns with their favorite characters on them. You will generally find these in specific character stores either online or at their physical location. So shop around and your child’s eye will probably brighten up when they find a swimsuit with their favorite TV character on it. These are also great for swim shorts for young boys. You can complete the whole package by buying floating and tubes with the same character on them.
  • Size up – A great idea for shopping for a swimsuit is going a size up. This means get one size larger than your child normally wear. This is great so that your child can make the most use of the swimsuit before growing out of it. Although it will not fit perfectly on your child’s body, it will be barely noticeable. If it does fit a bit loose, pull out your sewing machine and sew in temporary adjustments that can be taken out later when your child grows out of the current size.